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Game iPlayer Goodgame Empire  online
iPlayer Goodgame Empire
Game Amazing Escape The Castle online
Amazing Escape The Castle
Game Vampire Castle   online
Vampire Castle
Game Castle Crusher online
Castle Crusher
Game Arcane Castle online
Arcane Castle
Game Unicorn сastle online
Unicorn сastle
Game Build Medieval Castle online
Build Medieval Castle
Game Knights castle online
Knights castle
Game Knights Castle online
Knights Castle
Game Fantasy Castle online
Fantasy Castle
Game Number Castle online
Number Castle
Game Castle Mania Crush online
Castle Mania Crush
Game Slime Castle online
Slime Castle
Game Zombie's Castle online
Zombie's Castle
Game Fantasy Castle online
Fantasy Castle
Game Ghosts – night castle online
Ghosts – night castle
Game Mysterious castle online
Mysterious castle
Game Abandoned castle online
Abandoned castle
Game Hiddentastic Mansion  online
Hiddentastic Mansion
Game Castle Runner  online
Castle Runner
Game Battle Gear Underground 2 online
Battle Gear Underground 2
Game Liquid Measure Crystal Water: Level Pack online
Liquid Measure Crystal Water: Level Pack
Game Underground War 5 online
Underground War 5
Game Stationery Store online
Stationery Store
Game The Dark Age 5 online
The Dark Age 5
Game Stormy castle online
Stormy castle
Game Princess Juliet Castle Escape online
Princess Juliet Castle Escape
Game King`s Castle -18 online
King`s Castle -18
Game Castle Cellar online
Castle Cellar
Game Allure Escape Castle online
Allure Escape Castle
Game Mia`s Castle online
Mia`s Castle
Game Restore Dracula's Castle online
Restore Dracula's Castle
Game Lonely Escape Castle online
Lonely Escape Castle
Game Lonely Escape Chateau online
Lonely Escape Chateau
Game Demonic Flower online
Demonic Flower
Game Sofia Castle Makeover online
Sofia Castle Makeover
Game Fabulous Defense online
Fabulous Defense
Game Knight Attack Castle Defense online
Knight Attack Castle Defense
Game Praepotentia online
Game 13 Nights online
13 Nights
Game The chronicles of bellesea  online
The chronicles of bellesea
Game Baby Aurora Castle Decoration online
Baby Aurora Castle Decoration
Game Medieval Escape Final online
Medieval Escape Final
Game Medieval Escape 14 online
Medieval Escape 14
Game Medieval Escape 12 online
Medieval Escape 12
Game Medieval Escape 11 online
Medieval Escape 11
Game Medieval Escape 9 online
Medieval Escape 9
Game Medieval Escape 8 online
Medieval Escape 8
Game Medieval Escape 6 online
Medieval Escape 6
Game Medieval Escape 5 online
Medieval Escape 5
Game Medieval Escape 4 online
Medieval Escape 4
Game Medieval Escape 3 online
Medieval Escape 3
Game Medieval Escape 15 online
Medieval Escape 15
Game Castle Rush online
Castle Rush
Game Abandoned Castle Azriel online
Abandoned Castle Azriel
Game Castle Vania online
Castle Vania
Game Attack Fishman  online
Attack Fishman
Game Shoot Crazy Birds online
Shoot Crazy Birds
Game Physical Bomb online
Physical Bomb
Game Scooby - Doo: Bustle in the castle  online
Scooby - Doo: Bustle in the castle
Game Build Princess Castle online
Build Princess Castle
Game Christmas castle defense 5000 deluxe online
Christmas castle defense 5000 deluxe
Game Mike the Knight Build a Castle online
Mike the Knight Build a Castle
Game Castle Smasher online
Castle Smasher
Game Crusader defence: level pack online
Crusader defence: level pack
Game Lego castle online
Lego castle
Game Lego castle online
Lego castle
Game Lego castle online
Lego castle
Game Лего замок online
Лего замок
Game iCarly: World Of Warlords online
iCarly: World Of Warlords
Game Bibi Blocksberg The Cursed Castle Treasure online
Bibi Blocksberg The Cursed Castle Treasure
Game Sleeping Beauty: Escape castle online
Sleeping Beauty: Escape castle
Game Gloomy Castle Escape online
Gloomy Castle Escape
Game The Night Intruder online
The Night Intruder
Game Castle kaboom online
Castle kaboom
Game The Power Of Love online
The Power Of Love
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Each strategy involves the passage of a few levels, and the performance of tasks in the final, the supposed victory. Such games is a great deal, and enough interest to determine the direction of the main plot, as before you open their diversity. For those mesmerizing atmosphere of the Middle Ages, the castle defense games are available in which you'll be able to revive the spirit of chivalry and take an oath of fidelity to the king. In these games you have to develop a strategy and put it into practice. Success will only be achieved in the case of regular, successful tactical actions. Collect detachment of armed soldiers train on separately-designated sites and go on the attack against the enemy. You go around it with the rear surrounds on the flanks and apply the final blow just on the forehead. On whose actions will be the most rehearsed and accurate, and to get the victory. Here you will find a tempting offer free games to play castles, battling with enemy units, engaging in battle with the monsters, space invaders or fire-breathing dragons. In some versions, you will find some semblance of realism, but in other versions of painted men will fight no worse full of colorful characters. Going to the next journey, you never know what the danger waiting for you ahead. Sometimes regular archaeological expedition can turn chaos because locking horror game has already prepared for you a variety of tricks. Inside corridors, mazes you will encounter the need to solve deadly puzzles and match artifacts. Only retaining the presence of mind and sanity, you do not fall into a panic, and with dignity, to pass the tests. Not just your life will dry up, but that does not give you finally die, in the way provided for magical elixirs, fills the vital resources of your body, but also to reach them is not always easy. Beautiful graphics, musical content and sound effects create a truly terrible atmosphere, from which the blood-curdling. Playing the game locks for free, you can also go along with the inseparable, though so different, friends - and a drop of flame, to discover the treasures hidden in the various ancient temples. Their courage and a strong friendship will help to cope with any troubles and help each other in the impenetrable places. Often games online castles filled with fantastical creatures, which is very difficult to cope. First you need to figure out who the enemy is, and who is a friend. Residents of fantasy stories are divided into clans and nations, and if one remembers the centuries-old alliance and mutual assistance, the other is a constant relentless struggle for power, territory and ideas. At the time, as some seek to disrupt the harmonious life within and enslave neighbors, others advocate for peace and unite to fight the aggressors. Battle unfolding on the ground, under water and in the air. In the course is any effective weapon, and even fight with their fists can play a decisive role. Arm swords, maces, bows, crossbows, guns, machine guns and laser guns. Weapons of any caliber, hitting power, belonging to a historical period can be used in games of the locks. The main thing is to apply it skillfully and for the sake of justice. Playing these games, you will visit a medieval knight, a Jedi or turn into a magician and will fight with the help of superpowers, hitting the corresponding enemies - soldiers, aliens, monsters, wizards.