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Game Arm surgery 2 online
Arm surgery 2
Game Arm surgery online
Arm surgery
Game Leg surgery online
Leg surgery
Game Scoliosis surgery online
Scoliosis surgery
Game Darkcut online
Game Leg Lengthening Operation online
Leg Lengthening Operation
Game Operate now: Skin surgery online
Operate now: Skin surgery
Game Knee surgery online
Knee surgery
Game Operate now: stomach surgery online
Operate now: stomach surgery
Game Ear surgery online
Ear surgery
Game Hospital Pou Girl online
Hospital Pou Girl
Game Super Sports Surgery: Rugby online
Super Sports Surgery: Rugby
Game Subway surfing: Operation  online
Subway surfing: Operation
Game Tom neck surgery online
Tom neck surgery
Game Minions stomach intervention online
Minions stomach intervention
Game Cinderella neck surgery online
Cinderella neck surgery
Game Angela neck surgery online
Angela neck surgery
Game  The surgery treatment of  bay max online
The surgery treatment of bay max
Game Big hero 6 baymax surgery online
Big hero 6 baymax surgery
Game Rapunzel neck surgery online
Rapunzel neck surgery
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Nobody likes to be sick, and especially get to the hospital, where the doctors all the time trying to you something to shove. They torture you a little bitter powders and pills to make painful injections. But seriously, thanks to the development of medicine we are able to prolong his life, and got rid of a number of diseases, before carrying away thousands of lives. We are no longer afraid of the plague, and measles and scarlet fever turned into a children's ailments, which are transferred easily and even with pleasure, when you do not need to go to school and you can book a stay in bed all day, and you scurry around adults, indulging all sorts of goodies. Even if suddenly attacked unpleasant disease that requires the intervention of doctors, it is only a temporary inconvenience that builds character. And so many are addicted to the idea of ​​returning health of other people that study medicine and become doctors, choosing a certain specialization. But for starters, you can test yourself by playing games operation. Before you open an opportunity to explore the human body from the inside, to have an idea of ​​where and what organs are, and what should be done to stop the disease. You will be faced with different cases - from the simplest to the most complex. For a start can work on fractures of varying severity. Sometimes it is enough to lay the bone correctly and secure it with plaster. But open fractures or multiple fractures and shrapnel require this medical magic to the limb had healed properly and subsequently plagued human pain. Games for girls surgery require endurance, because not everyone is able to endure the sight of blood. Doctors perform these feats every day, returning patients to life and health. By ambulance to bring him critically ill patients, and the actions of doctors concerning their future. Sometimes there is no time for tests and have to act immediately taking the right decisions. Timely stop bleeding the patient will not die from her loss. Playing in the operation of the game, and sometimes have to operate in conditions of emergency, to bring the patient alive. Shaking on the road is not conducive to clarity of action, but you have to cope and do the impossible. In his medical practice professionals have to deal with different cases and you also enjoy this opportunity. Do surgery game about dentistry - a separate article. Not only people suffer from tooth decay, but animals often require similar treatment. And if you persuade the person to sit in the dental chair is difficult to explain the need for this procedure, the animal is impossible. Have to resort to tricks to save them from suffering. All games free operation fun and designed for a strong spirit, as many are full of realism. And to ensure its viability in this challenging profession, start playing now.