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Game Bow Chief 2 online
Bow Chief 2
Game Super Archer online
Super Archer
Game BC Bow Contest online
BC Bow Contest
Game Samurai Bow online
Samurai Bow
Game Bowman-2 (fun) online
Bowman-2 (fun)
Game Elf Archer online
Elf Archer
Game Blue Archer online
Blue Archer
Game Warriors and Archers online
Warriors and Archers
Game Medieval Archer 2 online
Medieval Archer 2
Game Archers Duty online
Archers Duty
Game Medieval Archer online
Medieval Archer
Game Green Archer online
Green Archer
Game Simpson Archer online
Simpson Archer
Game Jokey Archer online
Jokey Archer
Game Gibbets 3 online
Gibbets 3
Game Spongebob Super Archer online
Spongebob Super Archer
Game Jeff the Archer online
Jeff the Archer
Game ben 10 archery online
ben 10 archery
Game Archer Game online
Archer Game
Game DinoKids - Archery online
DinoKids - Archery
Game Super Archer online
Super Archer
Game Prehistoric Archer online
Prehistoric Archer
Game 60 seconds for archer online
60 seconds for archer
Game Fire-Fox online
Game The Greatest Archer  online
The Greatest Archer
Game Medieval archer defense online
Medieval archer defense
Game Amazing Archer online
Amazing Archer
Game Archers online
Game Pink arcer online
Pink arcer
Game The Greatest Archer 2 online
The Greatest Archer 2
Game Crazy Archers online
Crazy Archers
Game Monkey Arrow online
Monkey Arrow
Game Boards And Arrows online
Boards And Arrows
Game SpongeBob Archery online
SpongeBob Archery
Game Green archer online
Green archer
Game The Bow Game online
The Bow Game
Game Color Archers online
Color Archers
Game Rabbit Archers online
Rabbit Archers
Game Bowman Duel online
Bowman Duel
Game Blue Archer 2 online
Blue Archer 2
Game Dragon Egg Tales Archer  online
Dragon Egg Tales Archer
Game Archer online
Game Battle Of The Arrow online
Battle Of The Arrow
Game Night Archer online
Night Archer
Game Golden Аrrow online
Golden Аrrow
Game The Archer's Time Travel online
The Archer's Time Travel
Game The Truck Driver online
The Truck Driver
Game Crazy Girl Attack online
Crazy Girl Attack
Game Luna's Fun Farm online
Luna's Fun Farm
Game Picaciu Emergency Room online
Picaciu Emergency Room
Game Cave Chaos 2 online
Cave Chaos 2
Game Battlecoast online
Game Top Archer online
Top Archer
Game Shoot the Apple online
Shoot the Apple
Game Hidden Football online
Hidden Football
Game Bird Hunter online
Bird Hunter
Game Hidden Turkey online
Hidden Turkey
Game Striking Arrows online
Striking Arrows
Game Shooter Batman online
Shooter Batman
Game Chota Bheem Archery online
Chota Bheem Archery
Game Mario & Sonic Doll online
Mario & Sonic Doll
Game The Archer of Jerry online
The Archer of Jerry
Game Shadow of orkdoor online
Shadow of orkdoor
Game Brave Ultimate target challenge  online
Brave Ultimate target challenge
Game Mulan bow and arrow online
Mulan bow and arrow
Game Arrow Contest 2013 online
Arrow Contest 2013
Game Tom And Jerry Shoot Balloons online
Tom And Jerry Shoot Balloons
Game Hidden Targets-Rocks online
Hidden Targets-Rocks
Game Super Pirate Adventure online
Super Pirate Adventure
Game The Last Guardian online
The Last Guardian
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Boys just to shoot, and often it does not matter from what or where. Give them a gun, and all day they will shoot imaginary enemies, reciting the appropriate sounds. And if the weapon is equipped with flashing lights and whistles, it's time for adults to stop up your ears if you do not want to get a headache. But, quite remarkably, when ejected from the barrel of plastic bullets and painfully hit the spot, forcing people to jump and Washing systems. And if you do not have my machine, bazookas, machine guns, rifles or pistols rundown, shooting come slingshot or bow. If all is well calculated to strengthen and arrows metal knob or sharpened tip instead of a rubber sucker, it can become a kind of weapon and its owner - yard bully and thunderstorms all cats and pigeons. We want to prevent this whole scandal, and offer you the game archer, which is perfectly safe, you can shoot at any target. Moreover, every hit is rewarded with additional points and the game promises victory and the championship. In archer games you can play, choosing a variety of directions. Sports involve standard target, but do not expect that everything is so simple - came, saw, took aim, hit. Firstly, they are away from you at a great distance, and it must be remembered that during the flight the arrow changes the angle of flight. Secondly, there is always the natural conditions are not conducive to success. For example, wind, fog or rain. Because of them, no one will cancel the event, and you must be ready for any test. The most common version of the game archers associated with Robin Hood or a similar characters, who are fighting for good ideas. In the Middle Ages, a favorite form of punishment was death by hanging. Justice has never been entirely dispassionate and fair. Then, as now, many innocent fell to the gallows and were paid, so for the sins of others. But Robin Hood is famous for the fact that liberated the poor and punish the rich. He not only took away their money to help people, but also delivered them from certain death. He shot so well that from a distance could get into the rope and kill it with an arrow. In our games are countless proposals, where you will be doing the same thing. And not only the famous forest thief picks up the bow for this purpose, and many other characters are ready to prove their willingness to help wrongfully convicted. Still it is possible to arrange a medieval competitions in archery at targets. Who is most times hit the bull's-eye, he is a hero. Speaking of the apple, you can make to a little extreme and put the tree in a man with an apple on his head to try to knock him off his accurate shot. And wanting to attach to the amusement of the other, you will be in this game for two archers. Together, you can arrange a competition or to go to war at a time when the bows were in the army in service. You can arrange a hunt for game and to use the bow. As you can see, the bow is not too forgotten and unclaimed weapons, as it might seem at first.