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Sports games always have their own unique rules, and in case of violations, the judge imposed a fine and depending on the competition, they can be different. In football, there is such a thing as a "penalty." If within the penalty area a player commits a certain offense, the referee awards a penalty - free kick to make eleven feet from the gate. Some sources claim that the term was invented by the expert rules football - Irishman John McCain penalty, but others contradict them and say that never existed such a person, and invented the penalty Irishman William McCrea and his idea called death (death penalty). The very same penalty kick was introduced to football rules in 1891, and served as head of the reason for all of the football club "Stoke City" with his thirst for justice, when his club lost both times with a score of 0 1 and both times at the last moment the club broke the enemy rules of the game. The first time a player hit the ball in hand of the enemy, and the second time it ran into the stands and as he came back on the field, the game is up. Interested in the history and why the free-kick came to be called "by death." McCrea was textile manufacturer, the son of a millionaire and was fond of football. In his spare time, he became a goalkeeper, "Milford" and to tighten rules football, made a proposal to punish violators of the game on the penalty area hit the ball into the goal from twelve yards. Initially, the proposal did not take anyone seriously, and a year from him dismissed, and called himself a pioneer of Irish nationalists and accused him that he defamed the good name of true gentlemen. And since it is the time Thomas Alva Edison completed its work on the Creation of the electric chair, the proposal MakKrama began to compare with the deadly invention and named "by death» (death penalty). But, as you know, persistence MakKrama took her and now, in the rules of football ever has registered a free kick for foul play. Penalty - it's always tension of waiting and every fan clenches his fists in emotional stress and prays his football god, that he performed a miracle and did kick scoring. Well, we invite you to a penalty free game online, where you will be able to hone your skills with the strike of twelve meters from the goal line. In football there are no uninteresting moments, but some are endowed with special urgency. And if you appreciate such a situation, the game football penalty will find one that will allow you to enjoy them fully, without waiting for coincidence. Moreover, work-out in the online versions of scoring from the penalty spot, it may be useful to you in your life when you are going to play football with his friends in the backyard or in training. Games for boys converted a penalty playing field in the field for the title of champion and ace where you become the center of attention and the views of other players and spectators drawn to you. They are pinning their hopes on his team's victory to you, which must be decided at the last minute. Discovering games for boys soccer penalty, you can choose who you want to be - scoring the decisive goal or the goalkeeper, who will not allow a goal happen. In both cases, requires considerable skill, accurate eye and dexterity. Choosing a penalty free game, you choose a thrill, must assume responsibility for the outcome of the match and become the hero in the case of a victory of the team. Little training and equal in penalty kicks punching you simply will not.