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Game Sydney Shark online
Sydney Shark
Game Sharks Attack online
Sharks Attack
Game Miami Shark online
Miami Shark
Game Miami Shark online
Miami Shark
Game A Nervous Shark online
A Nervous Shark
Game Shark on Bike online
Shark on Bike
Game Sydney Shark online
Sydney Shark
Game Little fish in a big sea online
Little fish in a big sea
Game Sydney Shark online
Sydney Shark
Game A Little Shark online
A Little Shark
Game Super Shark Shooter online
Super Shark Shooter
Game Hungry sharks online
Hungry sharks
Game Shark Ball online
Shark Ball
Game Shark Diving online
Shark Diving
Game Miami Shark online
Miami Shark
Game Shark Attack online
Shark Attack
Game Live Escape Shark Attack online
Live Escape Shark Attack
Game Lost Shark online
Lost Shark
Game Sydney Shark online
Sydney Shark
Game Shark moto online
Shark moto
Game Medieval shark online
Medieval shark
Game The Shark Mountain online
The Shark Mountain
Game Pool shark online
Pool shark
Game Shark Bike 2 online
Shark Bike 2
Game Mad Shark online
Mad Shark
Game Shark Rests online
Shark Rests
Game Aumakua online
Game Lost Shark online
Lost Shark
Game Jump the Shark online
Jump the Shark
Game Plug That Pipe online
Plug That Pipe
Game Shark Tale puzzle  online
Shark Tale puzzle
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The shark has always been a storm seas and oceans. About her bloodthirsty legends about her shoot horror movies in which endow intelligence, guile and ruthlessness. It is not for nothing called machine-killer, and if its innate abilities are mixed unsuccessful experiments of scientists, with the heroine is almost impossible to handle. It attacks the surfers and divers, and pleasure boats for her no problem. It easily jumps out of the water and grabs its prey with lightning speed.
Games sharks that you'll see in our category in diversity, will allow you to learn from a safe distance with these predators, swim with them in the depths of the sea, and even control them during their hunt. The only way you can get in touch with menacing grandeur and maintain the integrity of their lives and health.
Once in the skin of a shark, you have the right to establish order in their domains. Small fish, seals, divers and other unwanted guests in your big natural aquarium should know their place and not disturb one that rightfully power to choose who lives and who does not. Attacking them, you sow panic not only in water, but also on the whole coast. Random tourists and local Aborigines have to respect you and you respect the established rules of the game shark. You can choose what kind of shark would you like to become a patrol their territory. Black shark, hammerhead shark, tiger and great white – provided all kinds of different versions of the game shark. And, you can build an underwater career, starting with the small plankton that feed on algae that grow older, gradually turns into a big fish that could prey on their smaller neighbors. And when, finally, reach the most large, you can consider himself the boss over the rest of the fish. Everything - life is good!
If you nice to feel the excitement of the immediate vicinity of the danger of becoming a scuba diver, enjoy the beauty of the underwater world through the window of the mask, but do not lose vigilance and look around, because at any moment can seem threatening to fall, sprinkled with a few rows of lethal, and razor-sharp teeth. And if you want to bring extra excitement in their presence in the aquatic environment, armed with a harpoon, and open the hunt for big sharks, playing games shark. It is difficult to say which one of you will be the winner in this game, but brave always enough, and perhaps you will be lucky to return not only alive, but also with an unusual catch.
Where there is an ocean, there are waves and surfers, there are beaches and vacationers. So, be sure to sail sharks who want to enjoy a rest. In the organized beaches are always present rescue stations and their staff are ready at any moment to come to the aid of victims. Become a part of this squad is quite brave and you can, if you do not agree with the statement that the rescue of drowning, the handiwork of the drowning. At your disposal there are all necessary equipment and a fast boat. Keep an eye on the situation on the water and at the first sign of approaching the huge shadow of bloodthirsty sharks, drop everything and run to the rescue of the leisure expel all swimmers out of the water and rush to those who swam too far from shore.