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Become the valiant hero of the fantastic world of help online game Legend of Knight. This browser-based project requires registration, after which you get to choose one of the races: the murderer, knight, mage or seeker. Rely on intuition and stop at the image that attracts more. Initially, all the characteristics of each character are minimal, and you will develop these abilities, making the hero a legend. Legend Knight play surrounded by mystical creatures always interested. To get rid of the influence of a powerful witch, you have to pass all sorts of quests, through which your strength, experience, the power of weapons and armor protection will rise significantly. Since the idea of ​​the gameplay is tuned to the battles themselves, bleeding occurs quickly, and after a time to improve again to go to battle. Familiarize yourself with the nuances will help Mor - your personal guide and assistant in this unique world. It will show the most dangerous moments, and their smooth and direct to the next quest.
The iPlayer Legend Knight made two currencies: gold and silver. Gold is more valuable, and it is possible to exchange the most valuable acquisition. Silver will also help to buy needed items, animals and ordered the forging equipment.
In the eleventh round, you can create your own beast. Your pet must have all the qualities of a fighter to help survive in dangerous battles. He's faithful dog will follow you everywhere, and will not allow the gulf. As useful elements obzavedites casting, synthesis, and improving transformation. Each of them will be indispensable in certain situations when you need to change the properties of an object to transform it or build one of the few, it is the most useful in this critical situation.