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Shini Game Online game will surely attract the attention of those who are familiar with the animated series "Bleach". Going explore the world beyond the Community Desk, you will be at the head of the team of brave heroes to save Seyreteya. There are three classes: Kido, reydzin and Quicken. It will be an unforgettable adventure, dangerous and exciting, where your opponents will be: "empty" and Quincy, and arrankary vayzardy.
The story of the main character will be yours if Shini Game play. When he awoke from sleep, which lasted 3,000 years, he immediately plunges into a new battle, and it will support the white-haired Captain Yamamoto. He always gives the job, and you're moving in the zones, will meet these enemies: bosses Kototsu, insane "empty", winged demon and other serious opponents.
Fights happen here all the time, and in addition will bring the experience useful bonuses: zanpakto sword, belt and other pure souls. Jumping between the worlds, the hero finds the friends and new acquaintances. He is accompanied by six assistants. They can be arranged on the field at various points with the personal qualities, but the fight takes place without your participation - automatically. In order to quickly win pumped characters, honing their skills, updating equipment, use of the system: hogeku, Shinigami Academy and branches reyatsu. Get equipment can be in different locations iPlayer Shini Game, but the most unique things are in the Tower of Trials.
You can interact with the players that are easy to form guilds and correspond by e-mail. More participate in competitions aimed to determine your knowledge of the plot of the series.
Externally, cute toy, although the graphics are not particularly detailed. However, advanced functionality make it an original and demanded product.