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Game iPlayer: Heaven online

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Online Game Heaven is built on a mix of different genres. It harmoniously blended turn-based strategy role-playing game and a puzzle game, "three in a row." Since the game is browser-based, you can get to it through a social network or create an account, and then you become a Guardian of the island and its main values ​​- the magic tree. The island could become a cozy haven of mythical creatures, but it so happened that the cult, united in the fraction are long implacable war. You have a difficult choice - whose position to take. On the one hand horror, grief, and Destroyer, and on the other - Festival, Defender and Virgo. Each is endowed with the knowledge, abilities and skills that you will start to increase, beginning in heaven to play. To follow the path of development and to carry out the proposed tasks, build a school of magicians, cave, arena and shop. Improving own features, you are simultaneously improved and the capacity of these buildings, to purchase new items in them. The shop sells items of equipment, school magicians gives new spells and helps hone old. In the cave you can find valuable treasures, and perform in the arena your soldiers. Initially, players find it advantageous positions and start acting. For each course have to take a step to the side or up / down one cell by preliminary elements: ankh, a crystal skull. They should line up of identical objects. After the battle on points determine the winner, who gets the experience takes the crystals and trophies, and the loser loses all resources earned previously. Each character iPlayer Heaven plays a role in the field: beats melee, heal the wounded, or sends deadly spells at the enemy. By winning, you gain energy, diamonds and crystals - the currency of the game.