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Game iPlayer: My Lands online

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Fantasy online game My Lands offers a very real chance to earn while having fun. It is a cost-military strategy, populated by real players, chosen the light or dark side. Joining after registering to our community, you'll be able to play My Lands, using all of its features. Four classes of characters offer to become a demon or a knight, an elf dark or light. Everyone has their own skills, characterized by unique features. There are also two areas: mining (flowering of civilization) and economic (age of abundance). The first area includes: Archon, Skelenium, Molkar, Ilao, Bakar, Atlantis, Fetos, Jupiter, Hramius and Cesare. The second group includes: Sumer and Greece.
All areas will be developed according to parameters: live it weak or strong monsters, many quests provided, protecting buildings, ruins, roomy caches and opportunities to earn.
The purpose of iPlayer My Lands - construct buildings for different purposes, to strengthen the army and train it, to raise the economic level. Build space and arenas, factories and mines resources. Living inhabitants of their land, and to the treasury received taxes, take care of the welfare of the people. My Lands offers an abundance of places to explore caves, quarries, slums. If you notice the monsters, carefully guarding the cave, there is a certain profit. It is the ideal storage of black pearls - your base currency, for which you can buy in the game any services and items, as well as to bring to an electronic purse.
In order to understand more in detail, heed virtual assistant. He did not give the abyss, always suggest the best course will provide quests which earned gems acquired experience.