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Game iPlayer: Battlegrounds of Eldhelm online

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In 2014, came online game Battlegrounds of Eldhelm. It offers not equip swords and spears and magic cards and to develop the fighting on the table with the designated areas for the moves. And now, the deck looks impressive, but developers continue to release new cards, adding capabilities to enhance the action of the main classes of characters.
You will start in the Battlegrounds of Eldhelm play after a quick registration and joining the community of players who have already mastered in the fantasy world of salt, can learn basic warriors: Elves, Humans, Mages, Orc arrows and soldiers. Each is characterized by its skills and strength, which can be further increased if put in combination with the cards: luxurious, rare, unique, epic, mythical.
Do not forget that the enemy also is developing its strategy for collecting successful version of card associations, and may be superior to your opponent or to give them. While some cards increase of fixed, others may burn points.
After the field of information play a game will give a report on scoring: block the blows, cure, combo damage to yourself, damage to both sides. Since iPlayer Battlegrounds of Eldhelm game is not easy, it takes time to explore all possibilities and features. To do this go to trial party, where each step is sent to a virtual teacher. Follow the arrows and read the tooltips, remember everything you do and analyzed.
Game Battlefield Eldhelma not like classical cards and everything is subject to its own laws. This is quite a unique fantasy adventure, full of events and original battles. You will meet experienced players and newcomers, among whom one can always find a companion for the next fight.