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Game iPlayer: Indy Cat online

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Colorful online game Indy Cat carries a journey of players who are interested in the theme of "three in a row." Along with a funny red Kotik you start your journey to Greece, then to visit the countries of Europe and Asia, to see glaciers in the North Pole, to find yourself in a fairy tale or a jungle. Collecting chain elements, you get a reward bows - game currency, as well as accumulate asterisk.
Having a quick registration, you can start the Indy Cat play, meet other players. Such communication is not just a pleasant pastime. To share with you the secrets of the passage and hearts if necessary.
These hearts are very important for the cat, it's his life. Loss of each, it's your loss the round and to restore them, you can use several methods. If there are bows, exchange them at heart. More can be purchased for real life currency or wait until they recover themselves. You will need three days, and every day it is necessary to perform the job. The last option is the longest, so try to keep the cat's whole life.
From that, you have gone the next level iPlayer Indy Cat, depends on the amount of accrued Stars. Ideally, they should score three in order to then not have to return to the old job and perform additional tasks. Moving in the game, you will earn and important bonuses that will help you overcome particularly complex combinations on the field: Freeze time, crystallization, Cancelling travel, coins, magic cat's paw, ball, color bombs, more life and whip.
Some artifacts break objects or destroy the same, while others slow. They can earn in quests and buy at the store. There is a secret that will help you get out - if you can not make a move, refresh the page and go through the level again.