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If you live in a big city, you close the topic of overpopulation, which develops online game come in large numbers here - Mosvar. Events are developing in Moscow, where millions of people dream to get to the periphery. The city already bursting at the seams, the streets and roads of constant traffic jams, but it does not stop the visitors, and they are trying to take root in Moscow by any means.
Choose the role of the visitor or the Muscovite to come in large numbers in here - Mosvar play. You will be baptized fight from the first minute, and if stand, you can explore other options for survival. In the role of aboriginal capital to defend their rights in the undivided possession of the city, but if you are sure that everyone can settle down here and enjoy the benefits - prove it.
Hicks will not envy - they are destined to climb in life, doing the hard work with a meager pay. They were waiting for the post of cleaner toilets, the Pied Piper, the miner, the janitor. And if it does not find an honest wage, then join the gang and cobble together their own. In this case, it has to deal with petty theft, and filled his hand - robbing banks, shops, steal cars. Reserving a certain amount in case you end up in jail, in order to bribe the guard and escape to freedom.
The iPlayer come in large numbers here operates its own monetary system, gold, honey, crystals, stars. They can earn in quests. Most chassis currency is honey, which exchange goods and services. It is available to you from the beginning in a small amount. It can not only earn money, but a refill for real money.
Going through increased legal career, you may well become a wealthy man, who will be available to buy in expensive shops, fashion exhibitions and solid restaurants. But these benefits can be obtained by becoming a crime boss.