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Online game on the farm! leads in the number of registered participants. Bright graphics and developed a functional simulator attracted fans farm. Having a piece of land, the game can develop indefinitely. First, you have a humble and insignificant portion of the range of cultivated crops. But is it a real farmer puts his hands in front of the difficulties? Sow and gathered several harvests, you can sell it and look into a virtual shop. While some money you do not have a lot, buy the most interesting thing will not work, but this is only the beginning.
After manual labor can move to mechanized and more and did hire workers to install complex machines. You will be sowing machinery, harvesters, tractors, irrigation systems. Each site must follow, time of watering and weeding. From tomatoes and wheat take you to the more expensive and sought-after commodity, and seedlings and seeds are sold in the same shop. To increase revenue, continue to play on the farm, building factories, where it will be baked bread, sweet buns, made dairy products. To manufacture not idle, expand the fields and grow even more raw, breed animals and birds. Do not forget to barns and warehouses where the goods are transported, ready for sale.
In the market you will find a vibrant life, where each sets its price and offers interesting things. Ask the price, not to miscalculate with the sale of their goods, and find a better price if you also need something to buy.
Impose obligations on you, but also increase profits contracts with shops and cafes iPlayer Let's Farm, which require fresh food. Try not to let the partners that they have not refused to cooperate - in time to collect the harvest and manufacture products. And how all of this master, you will be told hints at the first stage.