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Game iPlayer Goodgame Empire online

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Online game Goodgame Empire - is a browser strategy in which military prowess intertwined with the economy. Gamers will grow from a modest town of a powerful state, furnished territory, extracting natural resources, construct buildings for the production of goods.
You will enjoy the Middle Ages, which did not stop the war and to make discoveries. The first steps in the new world will help you make a virtual assistant. He will advise on matters military, will take on the construction site, accumulate capital and help cope with the enemy. Since it is much easier Goodgame Empire to play, accumulating personal experience in passing.
On many levels you will gain access to the latest and buildings, units, new territories. They are all interrelated clear storyline, and erecting the necessary buildings at the current level, you open yourself access to the following.
Goodgame Empire is built brick by brick. Quarried stone, iron, wood, earn gold. All that is necessary for a comfortable life settlement and development of the army. The army recruited from the units that own technique of attack and defense.