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Game Back To Candyland sweet river online

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Travel candy King continues in the game Back To Candyland sweet river, he got too far away from his native kingdom of candy, so long will return. On the way the hero came an unexpected obstacle - a sweet river of viscous syrup, earlier this river was shallow and it could easily be forded, but once melted glacier of ice cream on top of a chocolate mountain, a river filled with milk over, and with it brought the fragments of sand cookies: vanilla and coffee. Help the character to get to the river, on the shore boat to be, it left a local fisherman. Then take a boat and forwards, passing the levels of the game Back To Candyland sweet river. Collect jelly sweets, looking on the groups of three or more identical. Each level - a new task: to collect maximum points, to remove all obstacles from the cookies. Try to perform tasks on the three stars, which means you need to quickly find large groups of chocolates, sweets use the bonus, which remove one blast rows and rows. In general, use every opportunity to remove the maximum amount of jelly sweets. Back To Candyland sweet river - html5 online game, so you can open it on mobile devices and she always will be with you. If you will have a free moment or want to play, you easily will enter the site from any browser and open the game. Colorful graphics, fun characters, interesting plot - all these components of our game that you'll love. She already has a lot of fans, join their army and enjoy a pleasant holiday.