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Something that all feared - in the city came to an epidemic of zombies. Nearing the zombie apocalypse, and that did not happen, it is necessary to deal with the hordes of wandering dead, until all the people have not turned into soulless monsters. You should in the game Zombies Eat My Stocking help a brave girl who decided to go into battle with the zombies, not paying attention to their numbers. These zombies were quite strange, except that they attack people, wanting to bite, critters get into the house and kidnapped socks. Some incomprehensible anomaly that is difficult to explain. But if zombies just tyrili socks, it would be harmless, but they are also more and bite, transferring the virus to a healthy person, and turning it into a fan of socks. Take in the game Zombies Eat My Stocking control all the actions of the main character, she is determined to destroy all infected. Meet the monsters with powerful kicks and fists, when on the road there will be boxes, pick them, there may be medicine to improve the health and weapons to quickly deal with the dead. Do not miss the gold bars, they leave behind a zombie. After another attack look in store to raise living standards and increase impact strength. Manage arrows and space bar to the girl cleverly destroy enemies left and right. Game Zombies Eat My Stocking - it's a battle for survival, the enemy forces will increase, and in the final fight with the main monster, the leader of an army of zombies, he is strong, so before you join with him in battle, properly prepare. Your stock of life and impact force must be at the highest level, otherwise it makes no sense to fight, the heroine is doomed to defeat. Game Zombie is quite popular, so you'll like our toy. Open it on their computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones to play where you are comfortable and when it is convenient, not paying attention to the surroundings and the environment.