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Look in the game Chip Family with cute family of chipmunks: Chip, Marge, Stephen and Alice. Cute fluffy rodents live together in the woods. Animals have a cozy hollow of a tree and now they are very busy in that diligently preparing for winter. Summer at the end, came the golden autumn, ripe nuts and chipmunks need to make solid stocks for the winter, so that during the severe frosts and snowstorms they did not have to go out in search of food. The largest walnut tree grows near the shelter of people, and there just is conducted building and on the ground are different building materials: wood and metal beams, blocks and other details. Nuts fall and get stuck on the tops of the pyramids. Squirrels can not climb on smooth surfaces and are asking you to help them in the game Chip Family. You do not have to collect the nuts themselves, show little animals, where a block is necessary bite to nuts themselves fell so much so that the shell broke and fell into the basket already peeled sweet core. At each level, a different number of rodents are involved, they are together all the time, some are busy with other things. You will see those who can use the chipmunks look out from the foliage of trees and shrubs. Take and carry them to the beams that need to gnaw. Chip Family - is a puzzle and on your right placement of rodents to the success of the operation and safe wintering of small cute animals. Placing chipmunks, you must predict how the building will collapse, where heavy fall blocks, if you will fail, restart the level and try again. You will succeed and you will enjoy the game as fun characters, a clear beautiful graphics and nice music.