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Amazing game Sparkle 2, from which it is impossible to break away, want to make sure you go. You will immediately plunge into the mysterious world of fantasy, so real and fantastic at the same time. It seems that now fly out of the forest fairies flock and begin to dance, and fireflies create for them the glittering garlands. Perhaps balls that rolled out on a soft emerald grass - it is funny gnomes in a multicolored caftan and caps and so they want to play with you. The chain of colored balls in a hurry in a cozy burrow, located on the other side of the clearing, and you should not let them rush. Toss round shells, adding extra balls chain, if you compile a series of three or more of the same color, the balls will evaporate, turning into a slight cloud. Game Sparkle 2 refers to the genre of the zoom - it's one of the most popular genres, and in combination with excellent 3D graphics, the toy has no equal, and you will appreciate it. At each level, you are waiting for surprises and levels will gradually become more complicated, so you do not get bored of the monotony. By destroying the chain, do not relax, after popolzёt new. Consuming four or more balls, you will get incentive bonuses, they appear in different parts of the field to pick up, shoot them, and for a while get a certain ability. Remember that you must get rid of all the balls to complete a level successfully. Now Sparkle 2 game dwell on your mobile device, you can not get rid of it even if you will be away from home.