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Simple colored squares will be the main characters of our puzzle called Colorpop. The blocks rise from the bottom orderly, and your task - to quickly find groups of three or more identical in color squares and remove them. On the right panel is located at the top of the timer it is running at sixty seconds and the countdown has already begun. But you can extend the time, if you release the bonuses on the field - drawn alarms. There will be other small presents: bombs and portfolios with additional points. To the blocks quickly appears, click on the lowest string and they will fill the field with greater speed. When Colorpop time in the game is over, the points earned are locked and will be your achievement. If the amount of points you do not like and you feel that you can improve the result, more play as many times as you want. At a sufficiently high rate of finding color combinations and clever use of bonuses, you can play for a long time, but this requires training. The game is created on the Colorpop html5 platform that allows you to play on tablets and smartphones, which means that you will be given an exciting game every free minute. It will distract you from the bustle, lift your spirits and self-esteem. Do not miss the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities, and they have certainly extraordinary.