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There is magic or not, but many people want to believe that she was still there, those who doubt can go into our game Magic Mahjong and meet a real magician. You will find yourself right in his tower, where the old man is doing his spell. Now the wizard is busy and can not give you the time, he has to fight the other dark magician who wants to rival lime. If you help an old man in a funny hat and long robe to reflect enemy attacks, it will show you a couple of tricks and then you disappear all doubts about the existence of magic. The black magician was not only strong, but also cunning, he knows his opponent likes to play mahjong and decided to slip him a puzzle one by one, to the magician could not stop, and laying them died from exhaustion. The game Magic Mahjong you will help the good wizard to get rid of sweet mahjong tiles by removing matching pairs. The tiles need not necessarily be absolutely identical, it is sufficient if the pattern would be the same color or object depicted on them. Also a couple of items considered suitable within the meaning of, for example, a wizard hat and wand, or ancient scroll. If you manage to destroy all fifty Mahjong pyramids, the old man will be very grateful to you and to fulfill any desire. Game Magic Mahjong Mahjong lovers, it is not like the classic version, it has a colorful interface and an interesting plot with the main character. You're not just going to look identical tiles and remove them, it will make the magician, pointing to the specified elements of the beam magic staff. Play on mobile devices and enjoy every minute together with an interesting game.