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Game Jewels Mania online

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Jewels Mania in the game we will show you where you can find and get a lot of precious stones. Luxury blood red rubies, sparkling deep green emeralds, diamonds, rare yellow. All crystals ideal form, the best quality without flaws and chips. To get the stones you need not pick and shovel, and descend into the deep sweltering mine do not have to, but very handy ingenuity and logical thinking. Set the stones that appear at the bottom of the horizontal bar at the hexagonal holes. To pick up gems, build them in lines of three or more identical. So you let not fill the field, and will type pockets full of jewelry. The game Jewels Mania - this is a beautiful puzzle, where else but in the virtual magic you'll be able to play with precious gems like chips on the board. Even the richest people of the world can not afford such a luxury, and you can, for free, simply log on to our website and open the game Jewels Mania. It will make you rich virtually while you are playing on your tablet, smartphone or computer. Enjoy a good game, bright colorful graphics and pleasant music, moving the stones with the mouse, or by swiping your finger on the touch screen.