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Ice cream love all, and those who say they do not like, simply prevaricate. Is it possible to remain indifferent to the sweet cool treat: creamy, vanilla, fruit with nuts, whipped cream with chocolate sauce in wafer cones and metal bowls. In our game Creamy Ice, you'll be able to fulfill his dream and open a shop selling cold dessert. However, it will have to work hard, serving endless string of buyers. It is mostly children, and they are impatient and do not like to wait, so you must act quickly, quickly filling the tank ordered kinds of different kinds of ice cream. It is impossible to confuse the different colored balls in some places, or to replace one another, just exactly filled order will be accepted and paid for. Build an ice cream empire in the game Creamy Ice and become a monopoly on its sale. The game has three modes, you can start with any and go to another, accumulated points will not disappear. The game will require you to concentration and quick action, it's a great workout reaction, so the game will not only entertain you, but will also be useful for the development of your natural skills. Do not miss the banknotes, which periodically fall on the counter as a reward for your successful work. Play Creamy Ice on your smartphone or tablet, not counting the desktops or laptops. After the game you will want ice cream, so it is better be reserved in advance.