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Game Butterfly Kyodai online

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Many of the board games that are still popular today come to us from Chinese culture, including the well-known mahjong. This game appeared, scary to say, in the five hundredth year BC and its founder is none other than the philosopher Confucius, known for his works on philosophy and the founder of the first university. No one knows for certain how the idea of creating a game came to mind, and the story itself is more of a myth than real events. However, the game took root and is still alive. In fact, mahjong is a game of chance, but the gaming world has adapted it for its wide audience, making it more like solitaire, but not with cards, but with tiles. And later, pictures and even individual objects began to appear to replace tiles with hieroglyphs, like the game Mahjong Butterflies. It is presented on our website in excellent quality and is available for playing at any time convenient for you.

Rules of the game

The idea of the Butterfly Mahjong game is for all the colorful insects to leave the playing field and fly away. But how to do this if the butterfly has only one wing. Everything is solved quite simply - you have to put together two identical halves of a butterfly and it will magically rise up and fly away, gratefully waving its beautiful wings. The connection takes place in several ways:

    - if the same halves are next to each other - this is the easiest way to reunite,
    - if the halves are located at a distance from each other, they must be connected with a line.

The connection is made by a special line, which can have a maximum of two right angles and not intersect with the rest of the elements on the field. That is, there must be empty space between the proposed objects to be removed. As a result, the playground must be completely cleaned. The Butterfly Mahjong game is loyal to the player and offers options for hints if you do not want to rack your brains for a long time.

What is the use of the game?

Any game, even the simplest and shortest one, carries a semantic load and at least minimal, but benefit. Mahjong in this sense is a very useful puzzle that develops:

    - observation,
    - logic,
    - memory,
    - reaction if the game is running for a while,
    - the ability to concentrate attention,
    - perseverance.

And this is far from all the benefits of a seemingly simple game. Don't miss the colorful butterfly mahjong on Sgames. The game will be equally interesting for both children and adults, you can even arrange a competition and solve a speed puzzle on different devices. This site allows you to do this by equally high quality reproduction of the game on any device.