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Game Samantha Plum The Globetrotting Chef online

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Meet the interesting girl Samantha Plum in the game Samantha Plum The Globetrotting Chef. Her main hobby in life is cooking. Her talent as a cook came from her father, who went missing in search of rare spices. The enterprising beauty travels the world looking for unusual exotic ingredients for new dishes that she wants to serve in her restaurant and asks about her father for one thing. The first destination the heroine will arrive at is Zurich, then the girl will fly to Fiji and to many more exotic places. Everywhere you will find a search for various objects, their list is compiled and is located at the bottom of the screen on square pieces of paper. The found item will be crossed out in the list. If you are not strong in English, the game Samantha Plum The Globetrotting Chef will seem difficult to you, but those who want to learn new words and remember those that know the game will be useful. To earn three gold stars per level, do not make useless clicks on all objects in a row, trying to guess which one is correct. If you do not know the translation of the name of the object you are looking for, translate it using a dictionary. A fascinating journey to unusual places awaits you, tourist routes do not always run here, such places are most often familiar only to local residents. The girl wants to learn the recipes of local dishes that have been passed down through the generations. Samantha Plum The Globetrotting Chef is created using Html5 technology, so you can play it equally easily on a mobile device and on a desktop computer. Fans of the "search for objects" genre will be delighted with this opportunity.