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Minor scuffles and serious disassembly fights without rules and sophisticated martial arts, training or fighting the battle for the title - computer games offer a great variety of all kinds of fights.It is not necessary to break the real nose, because you can master the art of the virtual battlefield and put opponents on the blade pressing the buttons on the keyboard.In fighting games you can play against real people, arranging competition network or to improve their fighting skills in battle against the computer program.There are many games in which shows boxing, kickboxing, aikido and other martial arts.These computer fights are held by the same rules as the real fights - so controlled the round, the method of determining the winner, available attacks and defensive blocks.Often playing boxers, karate, martial arts and kung fu warriors use their skills to destroy the evil enemies.This valiant hero can go against almost endless stream of skilled rivals and only continuous waving their fists and feet allow him to sneak into this game between the levels and reach, at last, to the main boss.Fighting games offer very different techniques and strokes, which are available to the protagonist.This can be a simple wave of his fist or the use of sophisticated attacks, taking away most of the opponent's health.Often in the same game offers several types of martial arts techniques.Some of them are considered normal and are available without restriction.Others require the use of some resources, such as internal energy.Such attacks much stronger and can instantly kill several men, but between their use will take some time.You can play in fighting with RPG elements and strategy game.For example, the hero wins in the round, earned a lot of bonus points and can now spend on buying additional hardware - combat gloves, helmet, armor - or improving the performance of already existing equipment.And can develop internal quality - the impact force, while retaining block, the recovery rate after special fighting techniques.Fighting games for free can fight the dangerous zombies, Wanton thugs, criminals cosmic, mystical monsters.Often, the game offers to speak and the other position, to fight on the side of some monster and destroy it with the help of virtual crowds fellows.Play the games you can fight in this section of the site.Boldly go to another computer battle, show brilliant skill virtual fighter and arrange a beating all competitors.