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In order to become a pilot of the aircraft, to receive special education.But the experience of flying control equipment is also available through a computer letalok.And the gamers will not even before the real benefits of the pilot.After all, he can control not only all possible kinds of aircraft, but also helicopters, gliders, rockets intergalactic alien ships and even fairy dragons.Flying games online offer a huge variety of aircraft.For example, you can select one of the really existing aircraft and fly to a virtual projection is the last battle.A lot of games offer classic aircraft during the World War, copies of military units of a modern army.The management of these devices will be very simple.For example, for the control of a supersonic fighter only need to use the arrow keys.But almost all the games with the flight is a task, which is bound to do, or else round will be played, and access to new levels will remain closed.Many Fly based on military subjects.Character in the game can be at the center of a large-scale battles on all sides it will attack enemy equipment, and he is forced to shoot from her guns, laser guns or magic spells.Sometimes the Fly with aggressive enemies to avoid danger in the terrain.To be careless, you can cut into the cliffs, tall towers.Even among the mini-games found Fly with advanced data management.Then the goal of the game may not be in the extermination of enemies, and in the development of new aerial tricks, earning bonus points for their performance.Also creates games that do not need to shoot someone, and to win to reach the finishing point for a limited time.In these games, the technical capabilities of the device may not allow to fly the right distance from the first, but after several attempts on the bonus account will drop points, which can be spent on improvements - buy a new engine, improved aerodynamics, weight relief.There are many magical letalok in which the player controls no technical equipment and broom witch flying ghosts, fire-breathing dragon.Almost all games Fly to collect various bonuses and artifacts.Some of them add more play money, others restore health and give extra life.Play Fly online can be in this section of the site.How high you will fly this time, to be able to fly and how much values ​​have collected along the way?