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This section of our site is entirely devoted to games for the fairer sex.Such games for girls online, thanks to its diversity is not exactly disappoint visitors of our site.Collected at our site games for girls are quite diverse and can be attributed to many genres.Of course, we should start with the game on the theme of fashion and beauty.These games are not only a famous actress and singer, but also cartoon characters, film and stage, as well as a series of dolls Barbie and Bratz.In these games are given the opportunity to create an image of a character.To do this is to work on many nuances.You should start with the type of figure and skin tone.You can then determine your face shape, hairstyle and hair color.The following is to do makeup.And then before the whole ground for creativity.Mascara, eye shadow, face powder, lipstick, nail polish and more allow you to create any desired image.Then, of course, you need to do clothes.To choose from a wide number of trousers, skirts, dresses, blouses, jackets and other garments.You can complete the picture of precious jewelry and various accessories.Thus, to play games for girls like this focus clearly attenders of our resource.Of course, online games for girls are not limited to games, dedicated to fashion and beauty.After all, this woman is not only beautiful, but also the mind.Therefore, on our website you can find a lot of variety of logic games and puzzles.In such a variety you can find games that will carry away and entertain visitors of all ages from our site.Also, modern women can combine the beauty and intelligence in order to build a successful career and a business.Of course, there are a variety of economic simulations and on our website.For example, together with the heroine of one of the games you can do discovery and market its own network of boutiques.Of course, necessary to begin with a simple clothing store.But over time, the business will grow, and with it your fashion empire.Moreover, you can take a culinary business.Opening its confectionery, have to take care of the customer and try to satisfy them in the allotted time.In this section you can also find games that will have to take all efforts to care for their pets or small children.They need to have time to meet all the needs in the allotted amount of time.Thus, visitors of our website will be able to easily find any game to your taste among the hundreds presented on our website.The most important thing - is to find them free time!