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New mini flash games

During the existence of computer entertainment was created by a variety of games, many of them simply can not be attributed to a particular category.They are created from the connection of different genres or by themselves a whole new trend in the gaming industry.Best mini games provide an opportunity to have fun, fun job tricky, clever puzzles, exciting adventures.Permanently captivate gamers flash version of the classic toy, which first appeared back in the stationary machines or simple boxes.For example, now released countless versions arkanoid - the bottom of the screen moves a shield from it bounces the ball, which destroys the various blocks on the playing field.In modern versions of these games are made with beautiful graphics and unique gameplay features.Arkanoid platform can be magnetic, the ball sometimes forked and destroying more blocks are added to the mines, which exploded in a moment destroy all the targets of the round.Super games for girls also repeated the classic game, but with the addition of women's romance.For example, in the version of Tetris for girls can be made with images of cute animals, chocolate cupcakes, glamorous diamonds.When going to a number or a few blocks from a single image, they disappear, adding bonus points for a player account.The most popular games often continue in countless games with a completely different genre.Mario is not saving the princess, and carries loads of mini-maze.A Sonic collects artifacts with powerful helicopter or a fast quad.Some games can be simultaneously attributed to several genres - racing with the elements of strategy and role-playing.Shooter with many levels and quests-walker.Very popular computer games with cards.Not necessarily it will be classic playing cards - mini-games include cards with different soldiers, magicians, monsters.These cards have their attack power, defense - pulling them from a virtual deck to find an adequate response to the card contender, taking the loser in the army.You can easily find cool games for girls, to be attended by their favorite character: Disney Princess, Barbie doll and Bratz, Winx fairies and others.They travel through the game world, solving various problems, and the girl helps them avoid dangers, collect artifacts, or just a romantic kiss with a handsome prince.The best games for girls and boys are available in this section of the site.Do not limit yourself to one genre.Try to try something new and have fun all that offers a world of computer games.