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In the realms are many mysterious and dangerous events - disappear important subjects, animals and people, dangerous criminals threaten to destroy the world, scary zombie exciting city and infect civilians, aliens fly to earth to occupy all continents and enslave humanity.Only the intervention of a gamer can prevent tragedies, to save innocent lives, to stop the evil criminals, find lost treasures.Quest games online for free open access to the amazing space in which you can turn into a shrewd detective, daring explorer, a brave warrior.In these toys on a mission to roam the game world, explore every nook and cranny, to collect valuable and useful items, solve all sorts of riddles and puzzles.Mission in quests often need to perform consistently, and the success of the first tasks will depend on the successful completion of the following.Often even to read the terms of the new quests, you need a good rummage around in the bushes, and the coffers pozaglyadyvat poryskat in old records.Quest games in Russian are often produced, which greatly simplifies the game, making a clear reference to the mission and hints of game characters.Of mini-games offer simple quests that require many months of going into solving puzzles and find artifacts.Flash Part from all round events occur within the same premises.The player must carefully examine it, click on the various objects and see how they can be used.A typical example for this - if you see the lock on the door, most likely somewhere must hide the key.You can move the pillow, a book in a closet or look under the floor mats - one way or the key will be found, or there is some sort of clue as to where to take this option.Play online quests can be a variety of topics.For example, the old woman has lost her cat and to find it as it passes through mazes, solve puzzles, look for magical devices.Or visible in the game Fortress, which runs on the knight.He looks in different rooms, meets a ghost release from prison maids gathering new weapons and wants to find a beautiful home.Online games quests available at different levels of complexity.Therefore, if a player is still unable to find a mystical formula in ancient academy of magic, he can look for fruit in a fabulous garden and toys in the nursery.Play online quests are available in this section of the site.Each of them gives access to the new reality, lets dive into the latest adventures and strain the brain to solve fun puzzles.