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In the game world of entertainment, which in real life are only a few.For example, high-speed races through the picturesque trails in the most powerful cars in the world.Racing games provide the ability to manage production vehicles produced in different years and has won worldwide popularity.Or the unique developments, supercars, there was a huge amount of existing and in limited quantities.Or maybe you prefer the futuristic vehicles that not only ride on the road, but they can fly in space, to drive through the mountains and swim in the water?Racing games are on the cutting edge online tracks, with long sections of high-speed and wide turns.You can also go to the jungle, endless desert sands or Arctic ice, to be in a fantastic reality on other planets or in a parallel dimension.Races are held on the ground, in the air, on the water, in space, and even within the mountains.It is not necessary to drive a car in a racing game.This can be a boat or a jet ski, a tank or a supersonic aircraft.You can chase, riding a horse or a virtual firing at the start of their race trained dinosaurs.Many games allow you to ride a mountain bike or ATV roaring, climb into the cockpit jeep or a huge truck, sitting on the bike seat, visit the cab of the train and at the controls of a submarine.Real-world racing, such as Formula 1, Indy and NASCAR have their virtual counterparts.Here, the player is invited to participate in a contest to win a place on the podium and move to win the championship.Very fun to play in the race with updates, improvements, and purchase of new equipment.Typically, this should go in the garage or shop, browse the available upgrades to buy and install them.Is spent for bonus points, which are given for success in racing.Often games online races begin with the car, but as you progress through new routes are available, faster, sustainable and beautiful.For those who like to control the unique machine, opening up a variety of possibilities to adjust the look - a new body color, the size of disk images on the sides and on the hood.Watch for the gameplay in the races offered at different angles.It can be a side view or top management game from the point of view of the driver.Often, you can choose the angle display race.In this section, racing games are available for free.Select your favorite car, click on the gas and come to the finish line first.Watch your opponents, use their mistakes to overtake, avoid collisions on straight using a turbo-boost.