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Real guns is hardly good toy, but that computer games with guns and shooting are now available for a long time and quite worthy captivate gamers of all ages.Online games offer Solid Shooting arsenal of weapons - arrows, guns, machine guns, rocket launchers, guns, tanks, laser guns.The player is in any difficult situation and the only thing that can help him is a reliable firearm barrel.Characters shooters fall into horrific worlds in which the zombies, vampires and other mystical beasts captured civilians.Or are on distant planets, where behind every bush they are attacked by bloodthirsty creatures.Many of the characters do not even have a shooter second respite, because the enemies climb out of all the doors and crevices.There is no hesitation to let the bullets and try not to let enemies close.Shooting is often invited to perform important military or rescue mission.For example, a paratrooper lands in the jungle, his way to the base of the rebels and wants to destroy their leader.Or fighter of special police force is involved in the release of the hostages and the terrorists shoots straight to the airport.Play shooting games very easily, it is enough to master the technique of aiming and shooting.Often it is enough to click - mouse serves as the sight, and the left button is the trigger.There are games in which the player character is not drawn, and the player sees the virtual world through his eyes.Flash games is often not necessary to examine the room to find the enemies - they will appear on the screen, and all you need to do - it's on time and accurately shoot them.In some games, shooter offers a completely different gameplay - see the shootout hero, he is free to go on game rooms in which there are some special enemies.Shooting games are online at many levels and they have the opportunity to develop their combat skills, the ability to defend against enemy attacks.It does not matter if the first round of the hero will be a simple gun or a knife.Defeating his first opponent, he can take his weapon, and significantly increase their power.And if the victory over the enemies give a bonus, they can spend money to buy special equipment, a faster weapon, first aid kits, opening special fighting techniques.For fans of the dynamics of the game are created with the constant movement of the main character - for example, a helicopter flies over the forest, and from all sides on a rush technique enemy.In these games you need to learn not only let fatal bullet, but dodging enemy shots.Shooting games are available for free in this section of the site.