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Sports are not only in a huge stadium, but also in countless video games.Football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, and many other team sports are available and how sports mini-games.The rules are the same as in the original - you need to score more goals opponent while protecting his own net, basket or platform from alien attacks.The player can not control the whole team at the same time - in most games, you can only control one player, hockey, basketball, volleyball, and all other participants in the game are on the field, according to program settings.By participating in this contest you need to learn to pass a pass to himself, his skill to intercept and without undue hesitation to send to their goals.Sports are also available, in which instead of the big competitions are invited to participate in the training of the individual techniques.For example, football fans can focus on driving in a penalty or in fighting off them.Basketball players have the opportunity to work rolls in the basket with different distances.Hockey players are trained to trace the puck in the opposition one by one.Many sports games online offer single sports - tennis, table tennis, golf, croquet, skateboard, sport shooting, racing, wrestling.In this case, the player must master the different techniques and learn how to skillfully use them.Golfers choose a direction and force of hitting the ball to a few blows to drive the ball in the hole, even in the most difficult situations.Skateboarders take off on steep jumps, curry dangerous stunts in the air and gently land on the road, in order to prepare for the new jumps and new tricks.Amateurs can try shooting a bow force, directing arrows at the targets and earn bonus points from the exact results.In wrestling offers a wide variety of techniques to help topple the opponent on the shoulder or push him out of the ring.Sports games often do in the form of arcades, in which you need to solve the intricate tasks and provide access to new levels.For example, it may be a basketball workout in which players pass each other pass, avoiding the complexity of terrain and all sorts of obstacles.Or the trail bike that you want to drive for a limited time and prevent a fall.Sports game show in all its manifestations - this billiards, chess, horse racing and boxing matches.Play sports can be in this section of the site.Select an appropriate match for you and do not despair if title is not won on the first try, because even in the computer will not prevent sports training.