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All free strategy games are available on our game portal and you can always choose the one you like more. This genre is loved by all - boys and girls, young players and adult gamers. In these games, you can deploy a military campaign and examined in detail the whole course of events. Medieval knights and future robots are designed to protect your castle from attacking enemies or themselves become conquerors. Many missions will provide you with the constant growth of skills and knowledge acquired will further increase with the rank and open up an opportunity to diversify its arsenal of weapons. The boys do not mind to arrange a small brawl with monsters and repel the attacks of zombies, aliens and mutants. As military equipment may make the most incredible things, and if you try, even vegetables are a good weapon in the fight against terrorism.
Realistic war and space odyssey offered a choice to play online strategy never bored. There is a separate characters, small groups, large armies, and even civilization. In this direction, the gameplay is easy to feel like a really cool pepper, because the virtual life can easily be restored, if you drink a magic potion, so do not miss out on the discovery and try to pick it up. Such things often occur in your way and it's part of the job. Collecting them, you type is not only a gaming account, but also to acquire useful gadgets that will help in the future to cope with the task.
The construction of cities or individual buildings, the development of natural resources, trade with neighbors and contracting & ndash; it is also part of the online strategy. Each action entails determining the direction of future events, and therefore it is important to make the right decisions, to secure prosperity and victory. Often strategies present economic direction and accumulation of resources & ndash; an important part of the game. Having a stable financial basis, you will be able to buy the missing items, recruit armies, buy off potential enemies, pay taxes and much more.
It is not necessary to be military strategy. As already mentioned, this area is popular and the girls, and they rarely pay attention to voynushki. They are waiting for a more peaceful games for the construction of cities, arrangement of business and communication with fairy tale characters. Even as a child it is time to start to learn the wisdom of the economy and this will help online strategy. Railways, airports, hotels and restaurants, private schools and kindergartens, nurseries for animals and the country of fairies little restless inventor invited to show their talent of the designer, builder and manager.
When opening a shop selling sweets, gradually you turn it into a large and prosperous company, where we have all the demands of customers. Applying commercial strategy, you are sure to succeed in the field of business and become a true monopoly in the industry. Here it is necessary logic and attentiveness to the begun business brought the expected results.
But sometimes the fairer sex wants to show strength. Instead of primitive rifles they prefer the power of magic. Fairies and elves have resorted to ancient knowledge, awakening the forces of nature to repel attacks goblins, evil wizards and other uninvited strangers. To win back their country and return to her world, it is necessary to arm wands, wings and other weapons to punish the villains for their barbaric behavior.