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Game machine Willie funny and educational

When you're no use to anyone, it's sad, but you can always rectify the situation. As it turned out at the red mini avtomobilchika show the game online Willie machine.
Willie long discouraged in a stuffy car show, hoping to get a master and to travel with him on the road. He even fantasized how to take part in the race, but remained a fantasy fantasy. As the days passed and the month, the price fell on him first at 10%and then to 50%, but fans of the spacious salons and electronics do not pay attention to the miniature model with manual control. Another machine has long despaired would peacefully wait until she was sent for recycling, but not Willie.
One day, he conceived the idea to change your life in any way, and he began to develop it, it is not exactly understood what to do. And he decided to run away from the store. If you want to help in the implementation of a bold plan to start the machine Willie play for free.

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You will be a lot of events associated with danger and romance, but the foundation of all – logic puzzles. Quest is the basis of all the adventures that have fallen by the will of developers to share a bold Willie, and their pass to be:

Life is getting better and promises amazing

As soon as Willie begin to manage their own lives, as events began to develop with unexpected turns. He did not suspect that the store will meet the love of cars, but there was Jolie – machine pink with shining lights. Our hero fell in love with the beauty of the best bumper, and when she was taken to sell the other car show, he resolutely went to look for her. Of course, on the way he met an obstacle, but with your help will certainly overcome any obstacle.
The following story is a continuation, and now Willie and Jolie brought to you as a family. A marital relationship has its own laws, and that's the girlfriend of the hero demanded new footwear – fashion wheel that will look better against the background of its delicate color. Willy is so fond of her friend, and does not think that the debate and sent to carry out her wishes. Without another portion barriers can not do, but the principle of overcoming them you already know, so proceed deliberately and decisively, while continuing to play Willy machine online.

add spice to the adventure

What kind of life when there is no reason to overcome troubles? Open the plot of the game machine Villa 5 and help the hero to avoid the deadly meteor shower that hit the peaceful town. It started suddenly, and nobody expected this, but because the city pandemonium. Willie tries to leave the danger zone, but the track is filled with large machines that do not wish to give way, because everyone saves himself. By controlling your character, try to take the nearest free space to make it in time to leave the dangerous area without land to another fallen star.
Finally, you broke out of cork, but ended up on the street blurred by rain and will have to ask for help from the tractor, so he pulled you in tow. Then a new problem – Willie almost late for the ferry, and when he came to his side, he almost sank with him.
The process of the game machine Villa 4 also cause strain. Along with the hero you move in time, and instead of the other garage, get to dinosaurs. You have to survive in a cruel world, avoiding the wheels of cars and aggressive prehistoric lizards. Perhaps this is the most dangerous and fantastic adventure prepared for Willy, but also the most fascinating.