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Games City Siege

Games siege of the city on the liberation of the territories

Take control of a small warrior and a situation that has become complicated because of the enemy, who took positions at strategic sites of the city. Before you play the siege of the city, the events developed in several parts, and each time sending you to a new mission in the different territories.
The soldier, who is ready to plunge into the whirlpool of a shootout, no different than impressive dimensions, but bold and clever, has a variety of weapons and knows how to sneak unnoticed. Use the benefit of the terrain, and remove from the points of the patrol who inspect the area.
boxes and bags will serve as a good shelter you, but could aim to prevent, and then you have to jump on any obstacle or shoot it. This is one important convention –, it is necessary not to hurt the prisoner, who is chained to the fence, as you rescue operation and peaceful people should not suffer. Free first person, and then destroy the barrier and sniper in the field of view. Sometimes the enemies walk on a few people, and as long as you deal with one, do not fall under attack others.
The initial steps seem simple but is not advised to relax. Soon, the enemies become more numerous and more powerful, and the conditions for maneuver complicated.

The weapon is learned in the war

As long as the enemy is small, they can be removed by an ordinary rifle, imposing sight and shooting with the mouse. Then you will need something more serious, and to buy in the store better gaming equipment, need the money. Destroyed enemies will bring the necessary points, and together with them and the currency to buy:


With such a weapon you simply detonate any stone by stone building in the city:



Entering the courage during a game for boys siege of the city, try not to be buried under the ruins of civilians. This will benefit the punishment of the terrorists, the land for the dam.

change the place of deployment

City Shootout, the release of prisoners – the problem of the first two parts of the game. Then the developers decided to diversify into the fate of mercenaries and sent it to other scenic spots, but retaining the possibility, in the siege of the city game play for free.
Go to the jungle to fight off the enemy with a mine of useful resources. The enemy learned about the rich deposits and placed them near their patrol. Now the residents of nearby settlements can not use the natural resources that belong to them. Return their property – your job. Use the terrain and sneaking to the enemy occupied area to remove certain time. If you find, you can greatly reduce the standard of living, and when it disappeared, the hero will die and have to buy a new one.


Further, a new mission – the destruction of alien attacks. These invaders can not win a conventional gun and need:


In this adventure will not end the brave soldier. While you were fighting with the alien aggressor, humans seized oil rigs, and are ready to blow them up, spilling toxic waste on people. Again, it will take up arms to resist the new scourge. You have already gained experience and have mastered weapons to cope with a new problem. Residents of the town can not worry about their own destiny, knowing that the hero is on the way. From simple entry-level walk way with gradually increasing difficulty, and be prepared for any surprises.