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Games Doraemon

Games Doraemon: your friend from the future

If you like comics, cartoons, loves adventure and Japanese creativity, the game Doraemon created for you. History of Robotic cat began long ago – in 1969, when the first of it was drawn manga, which lasted for 1344 issues, and in 1979 the adventures began filming the series, anime, releasing as many as 1 787 episodes!
The color the cat Doraemon – light blue with a white muzzle, belly and legs, which is quite natural for the robot, but not for a living pet. He arrived in our time even if not from the distant, but still the future – of the 22 century to help Nobita Nobi youth to become better.
As Doraemon has high intelligence and a lively mind, he decided to pull the boy to school. Nobita himself did not try to develop science, it seemed to him dull and meaningless. But he had to get another unusual as the case moved. Just robot cat, unlike the teachers, could come up with an original way to instill a love of learning boy through games and fun tasks. Run the game Doraemon, you too can become part of their company to perform tasks, while continuing to have fun.

always and everywhere near Doraemon

Let Doraemon chest and beating heart of the e-mail, he is endowed with kindness, sense of humor, loves moving, puzzle games, and he came up with many ways to develop human intelligence: