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Games King of Fighters

Games King of Fighters: only the best in the ring

A series of the game King Of Fighters fighting game is fully consistent with the genre. In the arena act in a duel fighters, in turn causing their attacks. Go beyond the site players can not only move a short distance from the center, and the action itself is divided into an odd number of rounds. In certain parts of the screen are the scale parameters, indications which vary according to what is happening on stage. They help to monitor how much vitality left the hero, power-hitting, magic and more.
The main purpose of the idea of ​​fighting game – opposition players and their characters, rather than cooperation. Basically, the battle is being alone, although there may be options when the warrior is against multiple enemies or group against group.

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Games KOF adhere to standards, and after selecting a character, you go into the ring to demonstrate the quality of the fighter, using Shots:

  • Hands
  • Legs
  • bladed weapons
  • Other objects
  • sweeps
  • jumps and somersaults
  • Throwing magical spheres, lightning, ice balls, fire, and using other skills
  • from the machine to the computer

    Fighting began to develop in 1979 and intended for arcade game machines, which are particularly common in Japan and America. Then they moved to the consoles, and only with the advent of such a miracle of technology, as a personal computer, toys began to be modified according to the spirit of the times, and King of Fighters games as well. But now we can not say they occupy a large niche. Next to modern simulators, strategy and other areas, fighting games do not look particularly bright and sophisticated, requiring the player to multi-level action.
    For example, the game King Of Fighters can see that the chart is not given much attention, and the only purpose of – to win the rounds, so that in the next match to come together with a new opponent. This approach is appreciated real fans who have grown up in this genre, or gourmets who want to diversify the gaming experience.

    Enjoy the game

    Games KOF appeared in 1994 and until 2010 actively updated new releases, where the heroes live on, developing his story in a logical narrative. Characters and places update, add, others disappeared. Developers periodically improved technical aspects, improving toy in accordance with the emerging opportunities and removing previous mistakes. The very first series was based on the history of the black market men where treacherous Rugal Bernstein –, the owner of the underground tournament attracts the best fighters deception to then turn them into his collection of statues. The release of the game The King of Fighters 95 Rugal dies, but in later episodes it again can be seen in the role of a ghost.
    In each issue there are new characters. Some linger in the plot for many episodes, sometimes die, but developers will again revive. Other characters in front – are occasional passing characters, fulfilled its mission once to go into oblivion.
    The permanent actors remain on during all seasons:

  • Athena
  • Clark
  • Kyo Kusanagi
  • May Shiranui
  • Ralph Jones
  • Terry Bogard
  • Yuri Sakazaki
  • Cap-Hwan Kim
  • True connoisseurs will appreciate the fighting game of skill, which made the game KOF all generations. You can even play together, driving to move the arrow and WSDA, and to take actions to help the letter:

  • – The power of the attack
  • J – a strong fist
  • U – moderate fist
  • I –, a moderate blow
  • K – a strong blow
  • L – duck