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Games Pucca

Games pucca history and story of adventure

Pucca Funny games were a continuation of comics, cartoons and books about eleven pucca girl from South Korea. Its popularity is undeniable, as evidenced by the goods with brand logos: stationery, kitchen utensils, clothes and even food.
The main character of the game pucca lives in a place called Suga, and is the daughter of a small restaurant owner. As a teenager, all the girls are in love with someone, and an object of adoration she chose twelve Garou, taking a great interest in martial arts.
In the animated series, the story is almost devoid of dialogue, and what is happening is built on pantomime. Funny and touching look Pukki attempts to kiss Garu, using the privacy situation.

The characters of history

In addition to the characters presented in the plot of the game Pucca and meet other people: all sorts of men; ninja; god living in the clouds; Santa Red Lantern, always laughing; Three shaman-losers who are not lucky to get food.

Always there pucca

All the heroes of the game pucca look peculiar – a small, round, with a large head and tiny body. It gives them a comic, but after all the stories are built on humor.
with the main character, her friends and enemies, you go on a journey through the story, in which there are interesting subjects for girls and boys:

The game pucca destruction clones resembles checkers. Against Pukki speak evil clones and they are multiplying, moving the squares. To defeat them, help pucca to multiply their own doubles, guiding her down the cells, jumping over the enemy, they are changing.
More Pukki trained to shoot straight with a slingshot colored beans. She had to aim at the squares of the same color as the pea in her hands to break them. It is necessary to train the girl to become a sharp shooter.
Run the heroine kite playing games Pukki. It runs quickly and does not notice that the sky is full of sharp stars who tear toy. By controlling the arrow keys, do all to the serpent remained in the air longer.
You can also take control of Garou, who runs away from Pukki. She had tortured him with kisses, and he fled from her with all haste. To keep from falling, avoid contact with the boy falling noodles. But Pukki and does not try to run after him. She stands quietly at the bottom and simply sends the boy kisses, and when they touch it, it flashes red. But the girls will appreciate the opportunity to play in another kiss Garu long and sweet. However, be wary of strangers views, not to lose points earned.