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Games Comic Stars Fighting

Comic Stars Fighting Games: the arena of the best fighters

Somewhere someone had the idea to put together the famous characters, putting them in a fight. It can be assumed that the company got into a dispute fans cheering their hero, who is the cooler, stronger, faster and sustainable. Each argued, dismissing other people, and at some point was born idea to create games Comic Stars Fighting, in which players will be able to respond to such a troubling question.
The result of the work before you. This is a series of fighting games that include cartoon characters, comic book series, including Bleach, Ball Z and Naruto. They show dizzying stunts, incredible fighting techniques, using the available items and permissible weapons.
The creators of the game Comic Stars Fighting made them bitter enemies, but many – noble young man with a big heart. But in terms of only one can stay alive. The victory is awarded not only on points, but on tough rules ancient gladiatorial combat – or defeated, then – survived or lost by dying.

Features   Comic Stars Fighting

As Fighting in front of you, everything is on the classics of the genre:

It is particularly interesting to fight the real enemy, and therefore invite others to the process of the game Comic Stars Fighting and start the fight. To do this at the beginning of the menu to indicate that you are going to work together, and then choose from a list submitted by the heroes of their own and wait until the completion of a short reference to the start.
It does not matter if no one with whom to share the delight of adventure – it is possible to entrust the role of the computer opponent, who will control the second character.
Select the first character is limited, but you are already familiar with a similar system, and the longer hang in the ring, gaining the victory, the more variety of new faces in the open menu. It also promises additional skills and talents that are indispensable to survive in such harsh conditions.
You will see that in the ring first two fighters compete, but as you progress through the story you can attack the whole horde. Only the super power and quick response to help fight off the insidious attacks. It will also reinforce your strength, sharpen reaction speed and give experience. Keep an eye on the scale, measured life. It is reduced every time you deal a serious blow. Some of the attacks of the enemy can drop so much that it is impossible to immediately get to his feet. In a few excruciatingly long seconds before the hero once again be in order. But the situation can always be corrected in their favor, concentrating and remembering that victory, it is also your life.

control method for a two-player

The process of managing the game Comic Stars Fighting is different innovation, and offering gamers a familiar method of allocating the keyboard zones, where each provides keys to move and action of both parties.
The first player works with a set of letters WASD for movement and UIOJKL, punches and blocks. The second is similar to control of the situation, using the arrows and numbers from one to five.
Now that you are armed with all the knowledge, it's time to start a fight. Certainly, and you have a favorite character in the victory which you believe. A series of these games – is a great chance to prove his own right, swept opponents on opposite sides of the site. Home, will hold the final bell.