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Games Fairy Tail manga based on

game products based on Japanese anime and manga have become commonplace. At home, most of the martial arts of toys is built on the use of karate, judo, kung fu. Their heroes, even those living in small villages, attending school of martial arts to become a ninja, and sent to the journey to eradicate evil.
In 2006, Hiro Mashima began to produce manga Fairy Tail, which already has 52 volumes, but still continue to come out. The story filmed in the anime series, animated film, released in six OVA, 2 game Fairy Tail for the Nintendo DS, browser version and flash memories. Manga was awarded not only the People's Choice Award, and won. In 2009, the publishing house « Kodansha », which annually selects the winner among the top contenders, awarded Best Senen manga creation Hiro Mashima.

A world where magic – a common thing

You have been to many strange lands, exploring the virtual world, and will respect the Kingdom of Fiore, who lives by his own rules. This peaceful land with a population of 17 million, and most of the magic of making their own destiny. The magic here is no surprise, as a matter of ordinary. Those who put him in charge of their profession, are called sorcerers, and are members of the guild. Each refers to a specific city, and some of them are bright and dark guild.
The most famous and powerful – Fairy Tail, whose members own unique talents, extravagance and power, but of which there is rivalry. This guild wants to get Enchantress Star Spirits – Lucy. However, not everything is simple – pass it serves as an invitation to one of the members.
She meets Natsu and his pet – who knows how to fly the blue cat Happy. New friends are made just as the Fairy Tail guild, and with them she has to undergo a lot of adventures that show the game Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail Become a member

The bright guild manga and games fairy tail – a very nice place. There's magicians perform errands all the time, work, helping other people, and sorcerers, and get money for it. The amount of payment depends on the complexity of the task, but the Wizards are not afraid of difficulties. They live peacefully and even fun, especially in the tail Fay headed by Master Makarov Dreyar.


In it, there are divisions:

The uniqueness of this guild in the fact that it is the only one where both are registered just four representative Dragon Slayer, and it bothers Makarova – he was afraid that they smash to pieces the city.
In the course of the game Fairy Tail you will learn the principles of martial arts along with magical powers, along with key members of the guild, who had become friends:

In the browser version of the game Fairy Tail, you can chat with real players, join with them in groups and going on an unforgettable journey where shlestnutsya be the evil forces of the dark guilds.
Options mini-games offer a fairy tail come together in a fighting game, after selecting the hero immediately go to the ring, using powerful blows in combat, secret talents and ability to deter attack. The situation is changing as the conflict in favor of the strong, and you have a few rounds to punish dangerous enemy. Use a magic attack and defense, do not forget to dodge and use combo attacks.