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Games Fairy Tail High – School of famous beauties

Girls love to retire, creating their own clubs and the game Fairy Tale High – one of them. This column will introduce prominent beauties who shone at different times, and they are known to you tales. Meet:

Start of classes in the school of magic

All the heroines are enrolled in the same school, which you will learn from the game Fairy Tail High. They have a lot of interesting lessons. As they study the history of the lives of their parents, and decide whether they want a repetition of the fate or is it better to go the other way. Once they are taught skills of design, and the heroine managed to succeed in this business.
In the fairy school accepts only the best, and if you want to sit at a desk with one of its famous students, it's time to get to work and to listen carefully to the teacher and then homework, to present their design fantasies.

beautiful outfits heroines

Snow White is easily recognized by her along, but now, when she became a student of the school of the game Fairy Tale High, she is trying to change the image and find new friends. For this purpose it is necessary to review the wardrobe and pick up something interesting. See how it would look in different outfits and choose the one that is suitable for the upcoming singles. Snow may appear in the image of a sweet, charming girl or femme. Create the image of help clothing items: socks, shoes, jewelry, accessories as hats, bags and headphones. Hair color and shape is also provided in traditional and ultra-modern versions with colored streaks of blue, green, purple, yellow colors.
Baby fairy Tinkerbell is always in motion, loves bright colors and always something tinkering. Its moving lifestyle and irrepressible nature of demand endless changes. The outfits in the closet match her liking, and if today she had pink tails, tomorrow it will replace them in blue curls. The same happens with things – extravagant outfits me harshly dresses, shoes are replacing high heel shoes. Even wands at it different, to change the design every day.
Alice, who visited Wonderland, managed to penetrate the local fashion, and it is evident in the details of her costume. She has a hoop with rabbit ears and a hat in the style of a madman Hatter. Once having decided to organize a tea party with her friends, Alice decided to choose outfit, in which there are elements inherent in fairyland.
loves to reminisce and the mermaid Ariel. Opening the game Fairy Tail Hai, enjoy with her gorgeous beach and explore the wardrobe girl. It contains details of its native element – pearls, jewelry in the form of crabs, shells. Dresses are so airy that resemble sea wave, but there are more mundane options.
Bell – new to the school, and tries to fit into the team. She brought with her beautiful dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes, stockings, and decorations. Now we need to combine them to make it all looked harmonious.
Rapunzel, hitting into the society of famous personages, too, is trying to be on top. She feels that her life needs to happen something important, and the daily changing costumes to be ready for it. Sleeping Beauty adores shades of red, pink and orange. Each element is her favorite shade, even bright rim glasses. Not inferior to her and Cinderella, which has decided to change the hard-working simpleton roles in the merry, mischievous beauty who plays guitar.

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