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Games Mixels

Games Mikseli: create your magic

Are you ready for miracles? Then open Mikseli game to get acquainted with the unusual inhabitants of the fantastic world. Colorful characters belong to different tribes, and each cultivates his magic, but if you get together, start to experiment, and these surveys give them new opportunities.
Some people thrive in an environment of fire, someone enjoys permafrost, but when they come together, the new force is able to freeze even the volcano. Among Mikseley there are those who produces and removes power from the metal, others feed the storm, while others travel through space, exploring new planets. You will find many other heroes who went to a Mixels games in order to enjoy the exciting and dangerous adventures. If Mikseli – characters are positive, then Nikseli pose a danger to them. With such an insidious enemy, you can not lose vigilance – each meeting is accompanied by overcoming obstacles.

Miksel Mikselyu strife

demonstrate excellent opportunity Mikseli heroes Lego games. Make your own design Mikselya include imagination, and your character will get a mix of different skills and new talent will come in handy for him to resist the enemies already mentioned.
In order to understand what forces are endowed Mikseli, let's go by the names of the tribes to which they belong.

Mikselyam all cases on the shoulder

The game Mikseli forward calls to a mission to rescue friends. Here and useful ability to reconstruct, mixing different magic abilities. In order to delay the enemy, to build facilities for the defense and the enemy is trying to get around them, send it you've created magic.
Sometimes in games Mikseli play even funny. While living in the swamp, Glorp Corp. suffers constant runny nose, but do not grieve for that matter. On the contrary, he splashed snot robot, which set out to take away the territory of the tribe. At the Flarrom tribe Frostikonov go ice maze and find a new refuge. Let this habitat is natural for them, but run into a trap Nikseley – is a very real threat.
Opening Mikseli free games, offers and other exciting events in which a lot of challenges and opportunities to defeat enemies. Being clever and bold, observant and labels you will cope with all tasks.