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Super Game Powerpuff Girls

Flash-animated series "The Powerpuff Girls" (The Powerpuff Girls) in the genre of comedy, adventure and science fiction from the American creator Craig McCracken animator won a children's audience. You can also translate it as "Powerpuff Girls". Based on the series in 2002 removed the animated feature, keeping the original name, and we offer enjoy socializing with the characters playing the game Powerpuff Girls.
His birth three cute baby obliged accident, which occurred in the laboratory. Professor drown decided to create the perfect little girl, mix the sugar with a variety of spices and nice gadgets. But Jojo – his assistant, constantly naughty room lab and accidentally touched the professor as he measured out the ingredients. As a result, the vessel broke drown X-element, and that was in the mix. So, instead of a perfect girls were born three nice chips with huge eyes, but with absolutely no fingers.
It was found that in addition to the extremely small size of the girl endowed with super abilities. In each they own, but they are united:

Owning such a useful talent, girls are ideal to fight crime in the city of Townsville.

Introduction to the heroes

During the game Powerpuff Girls and you will meet people with whom our heroine is constantly there. But let's start acquaintance with themselves, to learn the names and characters:


Also, you will meet other characters


The exploits Superkroshek

Open powerpuff girls games, to help girls confront the nasty zombies and robots to participate in the shootings and chases. With them you will selflessly to save the puppies, and the coast – to conquer the waves to surf. In the face of Mayor shot from the townspeople, who bombarded him with junk. His support also Superskroshki, feeding juicy apples. Play around with the girls in the snow, but when the children hovering threat of being trampled by wild animals that escaped from the zoo cells, rush to their aid. Pick up each child and give it to anxious parents.