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Games Chowder

Games cartoon series Chowder based on

American comedy animated series "Chowder" in the style of surrealism, which is preserved in computer products, set up by his idea. Funny, funny game Chowder have liked an audience of children due to unusual characters and plots.
Each character is not like the other. According animator and screenwriter Charles Grinbaltta work on the script was about seven years before it appeared on the screen. Particular attention was given to the main character – chowder, trying to make it attractive, but not like a particular animal. The result was a creature, a bit like a cat or a bear with rabbit ears and a short tail.
He looks plush toy lilac, dressed in a purple hat with ears and a similar shade shirt. By the nature of – cheerful, mischievous, in a measure of responsibility. His passion – food, and he dreams of one day become as wonderful cook, as his teacher, in a cafe where he comprehends the science of cooking.

cheerful company of heroes

During the game you will encounter Chowder and other characters, without which it is impossible to complete the adventure.

A fun cooking

Almost all games Chowder adhere culinary themes and surrealism, as the main seasoning them. You can look at the kitchen Fasolera and see what is happening there is far from the usual cafe in which you are accustomed to be.
One day the chef did a great service order a party, and now he works a great deal. Chowder – chief assistant, and he had to cut a lot of fruits and vegetables, knead dough kilos since his season, and then send in the oven, keeping the temperature. You need to repeat the contour arrows, controlling the mouse to the hero began to act. He bit his lip focused, but mischievous smile and a look shows that it is very like the bustle and very.
Action with chowder should gather ingredients for another meal. But the trouble is that over time, something happened, and now a day is repeated endlessly. It should be a hero to do the job, how to begin anew.
After a tiring day, the long-awaited holiday. Chowder decided to treat gum, but miscalculated, and put in the mouth too many records. And when puffed ball that he bursts and covered a very gourmet. Now he is rolling on the road, and to the juicy fruit chewing gum stick. It seems that this is even a benefit – is that the house to chew for dessert.
Yet you have to cater for visitors to cafes game Chowder, and help you Tryuflya unflappable. Another time, get rid of the moldy food, catch them with a net, and then collect the last fit seeds on the planet, to avoid a meeting with an evil rabbit.