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Games Dexter's Laboratory

Brilliant game Dexter's Laboratory

Someone puts sports records, and someone invents robots. Some adore active rest, others digging in libraries, training intelligence. To each his own, but played enough video games with a sports bias, you go in the game Dexter's Laboratory, where you expect a wonderful history and brilliant discoveries.
Science Fiction and always there. The writers come up with complex arrangements and playing with time, animate objects and create amazing forms of life, inspiring scientists in search of the elixir, or a formula that will make a real fudge. These include a five-year boy genius Dexter, who only understands this science, but is moving in the right direction.
His idol – Einstein, whose portrait he hung not only in the laboratory but also on a school locker. Calculate the hero is easy in appearance – a large head, short stature, thick glasses, a white coat. It looks like the classic honors, who are ready to swallow any knowledge, but hate exercise. Dexter also avoids physical education, forging notes for release in the lab.
He Equipped it underground, making the entrance directly from their room. It is well hidden that no one had thought about the secret experiments boy. And yet, the sister found out about the secret lab, and now gets there, bringing chaos and devastation.

All of the main characters

In addition to Dexter in the plot of the game Dexter's Laboratory there are also other important persons.

The Wonderful World of Science

Scientists are always hiding, fenced off from the world of steel doors and a curtain of vapor chemical experiments than stimulate even more interest. Spy out their secret life Dexter help the game, and get ready to take part in them personally.
It is possible, if not for my sister, failure Dexter would be less. While he fills the flask chemical substance, transferring vials from the other end of the lab, Dee Dee is worn on her dancing with a glass of milk splashing each time a bit on the floor. If you do not help the boy get around the puddles, he is sure to slip.
Then, help me find his friend robot during the game Dexter that somewhere zapropastilsya. Inspect the room, open drawers, lift pads – he suddenly disintegrated into parts, and it will have to assemble again. Then catch cloned chickens, building laser fence, and drip red flying eye drops, so they disappeared.