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Games Kids Next Door

Games Kids Next Door protest against adults

Growing up, people forget their children's desires, and behave with children as if themselves were born right in his prime. Of course, there are rules that must be respected, but to impart to their children carefully, gently, so as not to provoke a fit of defiance and rebellion. Parents in the animated series "Codename: Kids Next Door" from the creator Tom Warburton certainly not very flexible, and their children together a team that has become the movement against the tyranny of adults. Among the items included in the list of disobedience, is listed as tooth brushing and school lunches. Continue development of the theme of the game Taynaya team of our yard, offering a view of the situation.

Games KND: a secret organization fighting adults

In the secret organization invited only those who have not reached the age of 13. Beginners are committed to teach the theory and practice, and then placed in a tree house, equipped with useful technological gadgets. But the main focus is on the moon, but the lack of work and children at his side.
The core of the group – five teenagers 10 years. To seem more mysterious, rather they are the first five digits as a call sign. It is they who have come up with a rule that after thirteen years of a person is considered an adult. He erased the memory, and it automatically becomes an enemy. Although there are those who are of great value and has proved faithful to the ideas of the CPV. They continue to remain in the service of the organization, turning it into a spy.

are invited to play only children!

If a job you do not go, do not receive a pension and are not allowed to stand overnight in a glass jaw, join rebels game Kids Next Door. The main members of the gang will take you to the first task, and just accept into their ranks.
They have a lot of work, because more adult and every child counts. It is time to challenge the cavils, and take control of their lives. And what to do in the first place, decide for yourself, because you are an independent person.
You can start to harvest turnips. We can not say that the rocky soil she freaks good, but come across instances of good, though and went deep into the earth. You can only get them drilling machine, cutting into the ground at any length. Please send it with the mouse and do not come into contact with boulders, so as not to break the technique. When the crop is harvested, you can go to the playground, where not one but several missions, during which they will

agility, accuracy, courage and resourcefulness will help to pass a maze of rooms on a huge kitchen with lots of storage rooms. Each costs a few machines, boxes and tables, where the products are manufactured or stored. The hero is armed and can shoot during the attack revived the food, but if nothing is done, they will eat your team member. Once you shoot all the ice cubes are frozen inside the eye as freezer produces a new batch of soldiers. In order to stop this rather destroy the unit.
Next game KND prepared a meeting with the pirates. The fragile girl rushing on a boat, catching one-legged bandits who shot her cannonballs. Your task is difficult – avoids obstacles in the water to pick up victims, avoid missiles and shoot yourself in the pirates until the flood. Another meeting with the pirates will happen in the underground bunker. He locks the door in front of you, that you may not have caught up with him. But if you repeat the code of flashing lights, simply open each door and come to the cherished goal.