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Games Flapjack

Adventure Flapjack

A wonderful, kind, cheerful cartoon animated series "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack" from the creator Turopa Van Orman quickly fell in love with the children's audience of humor and amazing adventures, which were in abundance at the main characters. It was produced from 2008 to 2010 and came just three seasons. When it ended, the children do not even notice it, because changing the cartoon came Flepdzhek game.
We can now embark on a new journey, once in a wonderful and such a diverse company. Waiting for you magnificent underwater scenery, quick races, treasure hunts, danger and heroic deeds. And all this under your leadership and personal involvement.

Background and characters

Once kitiha blue algae floating by and saw that they got confused baby. She took it, and as the boy's parents have not appeared, she decided to educate herself. So she became his mother, and they lived quietly until they has managed to save a wooden captain. He began to tell amazing stories and admire each boy. He was particularly inspired Caramel island where everything is made of sweets. He wanted to get that persuaded my mother called to go there soon, and the wily captain was only too happy, because this is what it was originally intended. And if we are going to accompany them during the game Flapjack, it is necessary to know the names of the main characters.


Once in the harbor Petrel, you will also get acquainted with its local residents


Misadventures-adventure hero game Flepdzhek

During the game you will visit Flepdzhek on the seabed. There is a treasure trove of beautiful stones and shells. Choose Flepdzheka or fist to collect them. The arrow to choose the direction and extends it, in order to accelerate, and then press the button at the bottom of the screen.
Now Saddle Bubby and start to collect diamonds and gold coins, bouncing them into the air. It is a real treasure, worthy of any pirate.
Flapjack puzzle games like younger players. Muted tones picture will help to orient, where to place the next item, and how to rotate to match the image. The footage characters frozen in funny poses, drawing children's attention. Collect some pictures gathered in one toy.