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Games My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Games My friend ape bestial school

Children's antics are nothing in comparison with what the monkeys get up. Behind these tomboy need supervision and constant. Now imagine that you were among the animals that live by their own rules, and you have to adapt to them, and your closest friend – is a real monkey. Simply it will make playing the game My friend is a monkey, developed the plot of the animated series "My Gym Partner ’ sa Monkey".
The protagonist is a boy named Adam Lyon, his once taken away from the school, where children learn to normal and was transferred to the school of Charles Darwin, whose students are the representatives of the animal world. Among them there are real predators, and they find it particularly difficult to understanding. In the first few days of Adam in the school, he wanted to go back to the ordinary world. But when a friend got a monkey-life seemed to him not so difficult. Although the students of this school periodically organize hunt for him, and teachers require him to obey the rules and comply with the standards that are unaffordable for him, he's not as fast, strong and keen as other students.

contrived, but make friends

Being a loner in the team hard, but because the man needed at least one or two other, so as not to feel lonely. Well, if you have a common interest, then you can communicate freely, to have fun. But when friends of a different temperament, get real torture. One always rowdy, something breaks, and it covers the second and tries to rectify the situation before it is too late. During the game My friend the monkey do not you just have to get out of danger, or to cover the fellow that nothing happened.


In the animated series presents the characters of the first and the second plan. It mainly includes:


Recurring characters:

The area for games

In general, the game My friend the monkey are stories involving Adam and Jacob, and the rest is diluted by the presence of a plot. It's time to see how busy leisure friends, and first, let's help them get out of the museum, where they closed for the night, and to blame, of course, the monkey. That he scattered the keys to the door, and when they shut at the appointed time, they do not open until they are collected all the items. That boy and you have to ride on the elevation and swing on ropes to get the crystal key. Jacob was a shame for a misdemeanor, and it helps Adam to jump higher, tossing it with his strong hands.
The plot of another game My friend the monkey shows a completely different side of Jacob. He not only stole the newspaper press at the postman, and climbed to a lamppost and throws them out onto the sidewalk, where passers-by picked up the press and go with it without paying. The boy is trying to rectify the situation, picking up the newspaper in the air, and when he had a few instances, he is trying to knock each other from the post, although he is very nimble. Caught press brings 10 points and hit a monkey – 100.
Go to the gym to play tag. Choose Adam Jacob or management, and ran from the square in a square, catching your friends and get points for it, but beware of the carnivorous sundew.
Further, along with Jacob collect on a treadmill banana skins, without getting into the hands of a bully who throws them. Hide behind a bush, and move to where there is a new object of your Jota.