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Games Foster

Games Foster invented in the house with your friends

How well developed is your imagination? So whether it is a creative and powerful to think of another become real? Before you start creating your creature, play games Foster and see what friends have turned other children.
The idea belongs Kreyug MakKrakkenu who invented the story of the children and their friends fantasize, and the house where they go when the time comes. To equip a house Madame Foster and gladly accepts creatures that lead children, when they become too old. After that the children are no longer able to communicate with them, but one unique boy managed to persuade Madame Foster to allow her to visit her friend. She could not resist a sincere request, but took the boys to the floor, allowing it only if travelers will be daily. Promise kept the boy, and because Foster home games at your disposal. Now you can come to getting acquainted with the unusual inhabitants of the wonderful house.

What a wonderful creation?

Those who are not residents of the house met Foster, who missed much. Games Foster friends house, it's always fun, laughter and playful noise. Of course, in the house of binding rules spelled out, but not everyone is interested to follow them. For example, Blue – the most bustling and carefree guy who created his irrepressible imagination Mack, constantly violates the order. He is so controversial that they never perform their duties, and the only way to make him – cheat. For this purpose it is necessary to say that this can not be done, and then he will make sure! "Blue, you can not wash your dirty dishes" - tell him and he will wash it. Here's a tricky approach invented the inhabitants of the house to get his Blue from selfish.

Imaginary friends – The inhabitants of the house

The human characters are:

No adventure can not do

run games Foster fantasy house and go to the winds. You can easily create your own friend, dance and jump rope at the same time, collect the stars in the sky. Do not let the inhabitants of the house to smash dishes, catching it on the fly, and then wash your dirty laundry. Races will be extreme, as in the way it turns out that the car's brakes failed. Look for the same character in different doors, become the champion of skateboarding and catch all the eggs with surprises.