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Card table long ago turned from the real to the virtual, and is now available to players of all ages. In addition to gambling presents all sorts of solitaire, and among fans of the genre can be fun, laying solitaire solitaire game free.
Call it absolutely just can not let the card and open. To this solitaire formed over every step necessary to think. And to make the gameplay even more difficult, and sometimes set a specific time to collect the cards.
The popularity of solitaire you can not even speak, since it is present in fast access from the owners of tablets, computers and smartphones. If a couple of minutes to spare or want to escape from work, it resorted to a card game, which opens instantly.
FreeCell is available as a free application for Windows versions up to eighth, where it can be bought in the store programs. We offer solitaire solitaire games to play for free, choosing the version that will attract you more. Sometimes there are called "Freecell", but in fact, it's just kind of a tapeworm.

The distribution of cards

A classic solitaire games Solitaire online is to use 52 cards.

  • In the central part of the table we can see eight columns in which cards and distributed. 4 first column comprise seven cards, the other 4 – 6 each.
  • 4 empty cells to the right – is a house in which you will collect the suit cards in ascending order.
  • 4 empty cells left to play a supporting role. They take one card, when it is necessary to get the one that is underneath.
  • The system will shuffle the deck and places it on the table. No matter how many times you did not start the game process again, a combination of the alignment will always be different, which eliminates the memorization of moves, and always does a new toy.

    Time to make a move

    Due to the openness of cards you can see their location and denomination. Progress is possible only the bottom card, and can only be put in order of priority and color suit – red / black on the principle: black jack on the red queen, which lies on the black king. You can gather speakers from King to two.
    Aces fall in empty cells at home, and then covered by twos, then threes, fours, and then ascending to the king. When all four suits are collected in individual cells with the corresponding sequence is considered to be collected Solitaire.
    Now, let's deal with empty cells to the left. You will find them useful when you need to be to get a card from the bottom. Extreme Drag the auxiliary area and can manipulate the one that opened. But every cell in the area able to take only one card, and it probably is better to take out in order to secure a new turn. Similarly, to shift one or just a stack can be freed on the place where used to be a column.
    also play solitaire solitaire online is possible in other species. Not very different from the classic version of Marseille. Deck laid out in seven columns of seven cards, and the remaining three cards put down all three columns. Instead of the four empty cells – three auxiliary. It's the differences that do not affect the rules of the game.
    presents solitaire solitaire online free version, when in contrast to the sequence of black and red cards, the principle of unity. In this case, the card columns lie only native suit. In other solitaire can be used a deck of 36 cards and three spare cells and still have games with two or one suit.